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Zymol Deep Gloss Detailer, ...

Deep Gloss Detailer

Renews Wax
Zymöl® Detailer is formulated with a proprietary blend of ingredients derive from nature to provide a brilliant, high gloss shine on your car's finish. Use zymöl® Detailer after washing to renew your wax shine or in-between your normal wax routine to safely clean away light surface dirt, rain spots and dust.

Amazing Shine
Utilizing a combination of carnauba wax, rice bran wax and aloe vera gel, zymöl® Detailer softens and encapsulates dirt and dust allowing your paint to breath and be easily kept clean.
Product Features
  • Pure, powerful, perfect
  • Renew shine and protection
  • Removes light dust and water spots
  • Non streak-non smearing

Pump - Recyclable

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