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Why Plastic Restore is Unlike Anything You've Seen

True Nanotechnology works to restore and shine your plastic trim & rubber bringing it back to life!  Restore your plastic back to its original state by permeating the plastic and going below the surface.  Most products simply dye the surface. After over 20 years of research this previously government exclusive formula is now available to consumers for the first time ever!

Easy Application: Simply Spray On and Wipe Off

The easiest Plastic Restoration product on the market is Plastic Restore!  Featuring a unique spray formula it couldn't be easier to apply. Simple spray on, let it soak deep into the plastic for 30-60 seconds and wipe off with a microfiber towel!  Use multiple coats for severely oxidized or faded plastic. 

✦ Long Lasting Shine: Water & Sun Resistant: Gets deep into the surface so rain or shine won't affect it! 

◔ Easier Than Anything Else On The Market: No fancy applicator pads, oily residues, harmful chemicals or fumes. Simply spray on, let it soak and wipe off! Safe for all surfaces, no overspray fears here. 

True Nanotechnology Formula: Permeates deep into the surface restoring its original state while giving it a beautiful shine.

✈ Works On All Plastics and Rubber: Works on trim, rubber, vinyl, polypropylene, rubberized plastics and even tires! 

⁂ Groundwater & Environmentally Safe: Green formula with zero volatile organic compounds!


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"You'll love it or the first bottle is on me." Dan Sweeney, COO of Torque Detail.

  • ✅ EASIEST TO APPLY RESTORER ON THE MARKET >> The only spray on plastic restorer that really works! Simple spray on, allow to soak in and wipe off! Use multiple coats for extremely faded plastic.
  • ✅ BRING YOUR PLASTIC BACK TO LIFE >> Turn that grey back to black! Works on trim, rubber, vinyl, polypropylene and rubberized plastics. Make your plastic shine like new again. It even removes oxidation!
  • ✅ RESULTS THAT LAST - RAIN OR SHINE >> Rain won’t wash this off! The True Nanotechnology deeply permeates plastic and actually changes the chemical chemistry to bring it back to its original state. No dyes here. It also provides UV protection to help defend against long term fading!
  • ✅ NO HARSH CHEMICALS OR OILY RESIDUES >> No harsh fumes, oily residue or sticky surfaces. Made with a green environmentally friendly formula with zero volatile organic compounds.
  • ✅ RISK FREE 60-DAY GUARANTEE >> “You’ll love it or the first bottle is on me.”- Dan Sweeney, COO of Torque Detail. Not Satisfied? Get a full refund within 60 days!
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