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Stoner Invisible Glass Auto...

Use this Invisible Glass Automotive Glass cleanr 19 Oz to help keep your vehicle looking its best. This formula is designed to get the job done right each time you use it. Inferior cleanr leave streaks and rside or simply smear the dirt around. This Invisible Glass premium glass cleanr makes sure that your glass looks spotless after you're done. The ammonia-free cleanr with fine mist spray clings tight to glass, providing a streak-free shine with no rside, no lingering aroma and no mess. The tint safe glass cleanr will make a useful addition to the rest of your automobile cleaning products and accessories. If the rest of your car is going to be in topnotch form then all of your windows should be also. With just a small amount per window, you'll be able to achieve the look you want.

Stoner Invisible Glass Automotive Glass Cleaner, 19 oz:

  • Removes even the most difficult grime making glass virtually "disappear"
  • Quickly removes oily dirt, dust, fingerprints, sap, bugs, bird droppings, grease, adhesives, smudges, smoke haze, plasticizer film, pollutants and other difficult grime
  • Contains no streaky soaps, scents or dyes
  • Tint-safe
  • Invisible Glass premium glass cleaner gets the job done right
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