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Rain-x Premium Headlight Re...

Removes Scratches and Oxidation, Restore Clarity and Protect Your Headlights. Over time, headlights become scratched and oxidized, leaving them yellow and hazy. This causes headlights to shine less brightly and diminishes driving visibility. To restore clarity, the Rain-X Premium Headlight Restoration Kit uses a dual mechanical and chemical solution. Sanding and refining to remove scratches and impurities and polishing and protecting to optimize clarity and prolong results. Includes drill attachment for easier sanding and polishing.

Rain-X Premium Headlight Restoration Kit - 610153

  • Provide a deep clean to remove impurities and road grime
  • Erase scratches and smooth the lens surface
  • Remove haze and discoloration
  • Restore clarity and improve headlight effectiveness
  • Extend results and protect headlights from future weather elements
  • Professional Grade Results: At a fraction of the cost
  • More Consistent Results: Compared to hand-sanding and buffing
  • Approachable Tools: Process is easy enough for less experienced DIY consumers
  • Improved Visibility: Headlights will shine brighter for safer driving
  • Long-Lasting: Protective sealant barrier extends life of the restoration
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