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Platinum Series Extra Large...

Platinum Series Car Wash Pad is oversized and holds tons of soap & water. Long plush "wool" like fibers suds up fast and won't leave behind swirls. This XL wash pad easily lifts away dirt fast and will not scratch surfaces. Swipe this pad across your dashboard to effectively pick up dust and lint. Platinum Series Car Wash Pads are the best choice for your DYI car wash.
  • HOLDS TONS OF SOAP AND WATER – The Microfiber Hand Wash Pad is extra-large and made of long plush microfiber that holds tons of soap and water".  Absorbent "wool-like" microfiber allows this pad to retain more soapy water than traditional synthetic models.
  • LIFTS AWAY DIRT FAST – Extra absorbent car wash pad that creates thick suds fast. The plush texture makes it a super-soft microfiber car washing tool that easily glides across the surface, gently lifting away dirt and grime.
  • TRAPS DUST - Swipe across your dashboard to quickly pick up dust and debris.  Use this pad in the house to pick up dust, lint and hair off any interior surface.
  • SAFE ON ALL SURFACES – Made with soft, synthetic wool fibers that are safe to use on all surfaces, this microfiber cleaning wash pad for cars is non-abrasive and will cause no harm to paint and finishes. It keeps fluffy even when wet.
  • WILL NOT LEAVE SCRATCHES BEHIND – Scratch-free microfiber car wash pad that lifts away dirt gently and will not scratch surfaces. This car washing pad can be used wet for exterior cleaning and dry for dusting the interior.
  • REUSABLE AND LONG-LASTING – This washable microfiber cleaning pad is reusable and durable, it will last for years. It’s oversized and is perfect to cover the surface of bigger cars. 
  • Size: 8 X 11 (20.3cm X 27.9cm)
  • Contains (1) Wash Pad
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