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Mothers California Gold Mic...

Regular application of Mothers® Micro-Glaze will increase your paints depth and luster. Whatever the color, it will give your paint added character and a brilliant, glowing shine. Micro-Polishing Glaze fills and hides minor swirls and defects, minimizing unsightly visual imperfections. It also contains a super-fine polish that further improves the paint surface. Micro-Polishing Glaze is key to giving both light and dark colors their perfect finish.
  • Mothers Micro-Polishing Glaze adds vibrance, depth and clarity to all paints and clearcoats, 
  • Creating the ultimate in flawless reflectivity, especially on dark colors. 
  • This central step of the Ultimate Wax System® brings together the deep cleaning restoration of Step 1 - Pure Polish, and the protective finishing touch of Step 3 
  • Pure Brazilian Carnauba Wax, creating the ultimate shine.
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