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Meguiar’s Wash & Detail Kit...

Clean, shine and maintain the interior and exterior of your vehicle and keep it looking its best with Meguiar’s Wash & Detail Kit. This car detailing kit comes with 6 essential premium detailing products to properly clean, shine and protect the surfaces of your car inside and out. Also included in this car gift kit is a premium microfiber towel to gently spread and remove several of the product in the kit so you can get the best possible results. This kit is a great gift idea whether the person you are buying for is the occasional weekend washer or a hard-core car enthusiast!
  • ALL IN ONE KIT: 6-piece detailing kit bundles together the essential products for properly cleaning and protecting your car inside and out
  • WASH & PROTECT: Gold Class Car Wash gently cleans and enhances gloss and protection while Ultimate Quik Wax boosts paint with additional gloss and protection
  • GLASS & INTERIOR: Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner quickly cleans glass & mirrors with streak-free results while Quik Interior Detailer lets you quickly and safely clean and protect all interior surfaces, including NAV screens
  • SHINE & PROTECT TIRES: Ultimate Insane Shine Tire Foam allows you to clean, shine and apply protection to your tires quickly and easily with a thick, rich foam spray
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