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Meguiar's Ultimate Wash and...

Are you looking for the perfect detailing kit that includes just the right combination of items to clean and protect a car inside and out? Meguiar's G55232 Ultimate Wash and Wax Kit includes all the premium detailing products you need to clean, shine, and maintain the interior and exterior of your ride and keep it looking its best! Wash, boost gloss and add protection to the paint, remove nasty brake dust from OEM clear-coated wheels, and grime from dirty tires. On the inside, clean and protect ALL interior surfaces and get glass perfectly clear inside and out! This car detailing kit includes 6 premium, full-sized products that will help save time searching for individual products while saving money since the product are bundled together. Whether the person you are purchasing for is the occasional weekend washer or a hard-core car enthusiast, this collection makes the perfect gift kit!
  • All In One Kit: Meguiar's G55232 is a 6-piece detailing kit bundling together the essential products for properly cleaning and protecting your car inside and out
  • Wash and Protect: Enhance gloss and get additional protection each time you wash with Ultimate Wash and Wax and then obtain protection and make your paint pop with Ultimate Quik Wax
  • Maintain Paint: Boost gloss, slickness and wax protection while removing light dust and contaminants in between washes with Ultimate Quik Detailer
  • Clean Wheels and Tires: Hot Rims Wheel and Tire Cleaner removes tough brake dust from OEM painted wheels while also cleaning dirt and grime from tires
  • Interior and Glass: Quik Interior Detailer lets you quickly and safely clean and protect all interior surfaces, including NAV screens, while Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner quickly cleans glass and mirrors with streak-free results while
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