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mckee's 37 mk37-8000 krysta...

the mckee's 37 contains the most effective auto glass products on the market. each product is proven to restore cloudy, spotted glass and maintain the clarity of your windshield and windows, rain or shine. this is proven glass care technology available only from mckee's 37! if you've ever researched auto glass restoration, you probably didn't get too far. many detailers, both hobbyists and professionals, will tell you there's absolutely nothing you can do for mineral-etched, cloudy glass. the fact is, you can correct many glass imperfections with the mckee's 37 krystal vision glass kit. simply put, this kit includes some of the best glass care products in the detailing industry and household cleaning industry, bar none. the mckee's 37 krystal vision glass kit is a complete solution to spotted, dirty, cloudy automotive glass. you don't need a polisher and there's no risk of making waves in the glass with these products. the mckee's 37 krystal vision glass kit is safe and effective at removing common auto glass imperfections and restoring the clear, virtually invisible appearance of your vehicle's glass.
Kit  includes:
32 oz. Blackfire Interior Protectant 
32 oz. Blackfire Interior Cleaner 
32 oz. Blackfire Leather Conditioner 
2 All Purpose Microfiber Towels  (color may vary)
Wood Grip Scrub Brush 
Famous Detailing Brush
3 Microfiber Applicator Pads
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