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Jay Leno's Garage Wash & Gl...

Looking for an all-in-one detailing kit? Need to step up your car wash game? Not sure which products to use and where to use them? We’ve got you covered! Introducing the Wash & Gloss Detailing Bucket Kit from Jay Leno’s Garage. Now you can achieve professional detailing results for a fraction of the price. This all new Wash & Gloss 8-Piece Detailing Bucket Kit contains everything you need for the next wash on any car, truck, SUV or motorcycle.
  • Jay Leno's Wash & Gloss Detailing Bucket Kit Includes:
  • COMPLETE CAR WASH BUCKET: 8-piece detailing kit packages together the essential products for properly cleaning and restoring your vehicle's appearance
  • Jay’s Wash + Wax Shampoo gently cleans your vehicle's finish. Its high foaming formula helps to lift scratch-causing dirt & road grime safely away from the paint's surface while leaving behind a layer of wax protection to help shield your paint.
  • Jay's Quick Detailer is our go-to detailing spray when cleaning up around the Garage! Formulated to provide unsurpassed slickness and shine with one easy application.
  • Jay’s Glass Cleaner quickly cleans glass & mirrors with streak-free results. Safe for use on tinted windows!
  • Jay’s Tire & Trim Care is a versatile, water-based dressing that is designed to restore the appearance of rubber, vinyl and sun-faded plastic. Great for use on tires and plastic trim. Finishes dry to the tough and wont sling
  • Jay's Wheel & Tire Cleaner is a versatile cleaning solution. Tough enough to cut through tough browning & oxidation on the most worn-out tires while remaining gentle enough to clean stubborn brake dust from most wheel finishes.
  • Jay's Interior Detailer is the perfect option to clean, restore & protect your vehicle’s interior surfaces with one easy to use spray!
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