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Jay Leno's Garage Ceramic C...

Jay’s Ceramic Wash Shampoo combines an incredibly slick, high-foaming wash soap with the high-gloss, paint protecting properties of ceramic. Improve the durability, gloss and beading of any existing coating. A great way to wash and ceramic coat your vehicle in one, easy step. Blended with SiO2 nanoparticles that leave behind an incredibly slick, high-gloss, water-beading finish that protects your vehicle's paint from harsh environmental elements. Infused with a high tech nanoparticle blend of SiO2, Jay's Ceramic Wash Shampoo leaves behind a super durable layer of paint protection that helps repel water, dirt, UV rays and other environmental pollutants. Ceramic coated cars stay cleaner longer and are easier to detail when they finally do get dirty. Use this wash soap to replenish your existing coating or on a non-coated car to achieve a beautiful, high-gloss, water-beading finish. Great for use with a hose & bucket, a low-pressure foam gun, or a full foam cannon and pressure washer setup. We've spent countless hours developing a formula that not only leaves behind a beautifully durable finish, but also cleans with thick, clinging foam. Jay's Ceramic Wash Shampoo gently encapsulates dirt particles and lifts them safely away from the surface to help avoid dreaded swirl marks & scratching. Extend the life of your existing ceramic coating with one easy step! Jay' Ceramic Wash Shampoo is blended with SiO2, the same ingredient used in all ceramic coatings. This additive helps replenish & revitalize any existing coating regardless of how long ago it was installed. This is the perfect soap to help you maximize the life of your coating and maintain the glorious water-beading effects.
  • Boost and replenish your existing ceramic coating while you wash
  • Create loads of dirt-lifting foam & suds
  • Leave behind durable, SiO2-based ceramic protection
  • Save time by washing & coating in one step
  • Outshine everyone at your next car show
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