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Fyeme 11Pcs Car Detailing B...

<b>Specification:</b><br/>Material: PP<br/>Brush length: 20.5 / 22 / 22.5 / 23 / 24 cm<br/>Quantity: 11 pieces<br/><br/><b>Feature:</b><br/>Multifunction: Multi-functional brush, for both dry and wet. These brushes can for Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Bicycles, RVs, Boats, Wheels, tire, Rims, Spokes, Grills, Engine Bays, Exhaust Tips, Bumpers, inner fender, undercarriage, Vents and much more.<br/>Safety and Efficient: Soft fur is ideal for soft leather seats or ornaments. Professional set of car detailing brush can protect your car and spokes from scratches and can be cleaned without worries !<br/>Long Handle Brush: Long enough to reach into car vents, can clean narrow spaces. It can easily slides into the alloy wheel and custom rims to remove mud, dirt and brake dust from the depth of the wheel arch. Suitable for removing small objects such as wheels, vents, decorative strips, seat cracks, dust and bread crumbs on signs to make the vehicle completely clean and tidy.<br/>Short Handle Brush: which plastic bristle can remove hard dirt, grime and brake dust on sensitive wheels and rims. The shape of the handle corresponds to the ergonomic comfort, the powerful cleaning and the fatigue-free, longer scrubbing.<br/>10Pcs &amp; 5 Different Sizes Brushes: which designed for fine inner and outer details, and the hair of the detailing brushes is soft, it is elastic enough to clean the small place or the gap between the gadgets.<br/><br/><b>Package Includes:</b><br/>10 x Brush<br/>1 x Towel<br/>
  • Car detail brush set: You will receive 5 different sizes of car detail cleaning tools.
  • Car beauty brush: Brush length: 20.5cm/8in, 22cm/8.6in, 22.5/8.85in, 23/9.05in, 24 cm/9.44in. They are made of mixed synthetic fiber wool, which is very soft, durable and flexible, and can remove all dirt in small spaces without scratching the surface of the car.
  • It is suitable for removing small objects such as wheels, vents, decorative strips, seat cracks, dust and crumbs on the sign, so that the vehicle is completely clean and tidy.
  • Long-handled tire brush and short-handled tire brush: The long-handled brush can penetrate deep into the inner wheel and spokes to deeply remove dirt and dust. The short-handled brush head has a feathered end to provide safe and gentle cleaning.
  • Car detail cleaning kit gift set: This car cleaning tool kit can be used to clean every detail of the entire car, very suitable for cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, etc. The perfect car gift for men.
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