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The Furniture Clinic Leather Care Kit is a two part leather cleaning kit designed to clean, condition & protect all items of leather.

Kit Contents include:
Leather Cleaner
A safe to use, gentle leather cleaner capable of removing even the toughest general dirt and grime from leather. Cleaning with a sponge to create a foaming action it gets into the grain and lift out dirt easily.

Leather Protection Cream
After cleaning the leather it is necessary to condition it using our two-in-one product that is both a leather conditioner and leather protector. This product not only feeds and conditions leather but will add a protective layer that repels stains and helps prevent wear and tear. Infused with a luxurious leather aroma, the protection cream also re-instates the smell back into old & new leather.

Sponge & Cloth
Cleaning sponge to gently clean leather and a soft cloth to apply the Leather Protection Cream with.

Note: We recommend using these leather care products every three to four months to ensure your leather is protected all year round!
Furniture Clinic Large Leather Care Kit
  • GOOD HOUSEKEEPING SEAL: This product was evaluated by the Good Housekeeping institute and after rigorous testing by their expert scientists and engineers, has been granted the prestigious Good Housekeeping seal. Evaluation of the product includes reviewing product effectiveness, as well as packaging and marketing claims
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: A full leather care kit. One 17oz bottle of Leather Cleaner, one 17oz bottle of Leather Protection Cream and Leather Conditioner, Sponge, Cloth & Instructions for use. Perfect to use as a leather shoe care kit.
  • LEATHER CLEANER: This proven formula gets rid of stubborn dirt when other leather cleaners won’t. It’s a safe and very effective product for removing dirt, debris, stains, and grime without using harsh chemicals. LEATHER CONDITIONER & PROTECTION CREAM: This product feeds, nourishes, protects & reinstates the luxurious leather aroma into your aged items. It also has an added barrier protection technology, protecting it from oils and repels water.
  • SIMPLE TO USE: Shake bottle well and apply onto a cloth or sponge. Work the leather cleaner into the surface by cleaning in a circular motion. As the cleaner lifts the dirt from the surface, it will be absorbed by the foam created. After cleaning, wipe any resides away. Follow the same instructions for the protection cream to best use this kit, including as a leather boot care kit.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We understand that caring for your leather can be a tricky and tedious task, but don't be afraid. Our experts are here if you have questions before purchasing and if after purchasing you’re not satisfied with the results (we expect you will be), we offer a money back guarantee. We know our product works wonderfully when used correctly.
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