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Furniture Leather Max Complete Refinish, Restore and Repair Kit Formulated for all your Leather or Vinyl Furniture This Kit comes with 3 matching Shades of Color Refinish & Restorer. All you need to do is get close to your color and Blend It On no more guessing about the color match . A bottle of condensed Cleaner & Conditioner. A Bottle of Black & White Restorer to adjust the shade. 1 Sponge applicator. Filler for rips or tears & 2 Cotton Tip Swabs for testing & mixing. Looks and feels like the original finish Clean up is easy and will not rub off on clothing waterproof and non-toxic and does not use heat Great for complete color restoring and repairing or changing a color. Because refinishing leather professionally is expensive you can now do it yourselves. Couch, Sofa, Chair, Purses, Handbags, Furniture all can be done now, by you. 1. Choose the color set of Leather Max that matches your color the closest from the pictures here. 2. Use Leather Max Cleaner Conditioner to thoroughly clean and prepare the surface for coloring, the bottle makes 5 ounces of cleaner conditioner 3. Use the cotton swab to test the color in a place that won't be seen, then mix and match using the other colors. (to lighten or darken the color use just a drop at a time of the Black or White restorer, it goes a long way) 4. Use the close pore sponge applicator to evenly apply Leather Max Leather Refinish Color Restorer to the item you are refinishing and restoring. These bottles will cover a couple square feet. Filler is provided for rips or tears To do larger items you will want to check out our, 4 Oz jars and 8 Oz bottles or our Leather Max Kits, Mega Kits. Please look at all the pictures and see how good it works! All our products come with full instructions and YouTube links for information on how to apply.
  • Formulated for all your leather & Vinyl goods. Easy to use kit comes with 3 Color Shades to Blend with
  • Great for complete color restoring and repairing or changing a color.
  • Will not rub off on clothing, Easy clean-up with water, Filler for Repairs
  • Comes with full instructions, plus links to YouTube DIY Videos
  • Restore and Repair Worn and Faded Colors, just look at the pictures!
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