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2PCS Waterproof Car Scratch...

Scratches removal: For small scratches, but the paint does not peel off, you can use polishing wax; other cars or objects are scratched, you can also wash other car paint; for areas that have been repaired with touch-up paint, you can also use This polish makes a higher gloss
Durable: After the paint surface is lightly polished, the paint surface will be brighter, the color difference between the repaired part and the original car paint will be consistent, and the repaired paint surface will be more natural
Easy to dry: It only takes about 10 minutes (room temperature) to dry, when you finish the first layer, it will dry quickly, if the scratches are deep, you can paint the second and third layers until the scratches disappear completely filled. Save a lot of time. Note: Please use on sunny days.

Instructions for use:
1. Please use on sunny days to ensure the effect.
2. Be sure to remove the oil, wax and glaze on the paint surface before use; if there is rust, use fine sandpaper to remove it.
3. Please make sure to tighten the cap after use to prevent the paint in the can from volatilizing.
Be sure to shake the bottle for more than 20 seconds before use, so that the steel balls in the can make a noise, so that the paint is fully mixed evenly. Use a stylus to lift the cap up and use a brush by turning the cap counterclockwise.
1. Keep away from fire sources, do not place in places above 45 degrees and in direct sunlight.
2. Do not swallow, keep away from children.
3. Do not pour when storing

This pen can't make the scratches disappear 100%, it can only make the scratches less obvious and prevent the body from rusting. If you have high requirements for scratch repair, don't buy this pen, better go to an auto repair shop for help.
Test on paper before use to confirm the color matches your vehicle paint. The silver color on some vehicles is quite unique.

Ingredients: paint, organic solvent
Capacity: 12ml
Color: pure white, silver gray, black, red
Use: Universal type, good color matching, can be used
Spraying area: 0.08㎡ about the size of a palm

The package includes:
Touch-up pen*2

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